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Peace Garden visitors and Mr C's Inventions 13.1.16

On Monday morning we had a special worship about friendship squad, however, half way through we were disturbed by Miss Cook who was looking rather shocked and had fallen over so was covered in mud. She told us that she had heard footsteps in the Peace Garden and went to check and found two small doors at the base of a tree.

After going to see for ourselves and checking that Miss Cook was not just seeing things we all decided that we needed to tell someone, so we informed the police, and we wrote newspaper articles with all the facts that we thought should be printed. We were so considerate and remembered exactly how to write newspaper reports, a fantastic morning. 

Mr Christian came in with some of his own inventions. we had to work out what they were, how they worked and think about what we might use them for. We had lots of fun being communicative and sharing our ideas.

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