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Week 4 -Matilda, Wareham Recycling Educational Visit and words ending in 'ion'

Week 4


Here is a breakdown of learning during week 4 of Autumn 2:


- Class trip to Wareham recycling centre! Learning about the recycling process and we made mini-composts!

- Learning about adding 'ion' to verbs ending in 't' and 'te'

- Solving word problems in maths

- Looked at the poles of a magnet and attractions/repulsions

- Daily news on Espresso! The children love it!

- Conjunctions, character descriptions and similes in English (Based on Matilda)

- Mental maths - What is my number? Children had to use clues to solve the problem

- The return of Mrs Ferguson!

And lots, lots more!


Have a great weekend, Mr M

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