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Christmas fun. 19.12.13

We have finally reached the last week of term and I think we are all ready for it.

The children have been brilliant this week. The have been such courteous caterpillars in the classroom, even thought they are very tired, which has meant we have been able to do some exciting learning. In Literacy we wrote persuasive letters to Santa, stating arguments for why we should receive certain gifts for Christmas. Then we sent the letters off in helium balloons as we thought they would arrive their in enough time for Christmas. It was very exciting watching them leave.
The children have been really confident caterpillars in the school play this week. I have been so impressed by how conscientious they have been with learning their lines; they were all fantastic and should be very proud of the performance they gave on the night.
I hope everyone has a lovely holiday, Happy Christmas, and I look forward to all the exciting learning we will be doing in the New Year. See you in 2014!

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