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Reduce! 07.05.14

This week we have had completed some brilliant learning, using our Maths skills to investigate a problem in our topic 'REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.' We started bydiscussing packaging, and we all agreed it was terrible the amount of packaging can be used. We were shocked that when you can buy pears with no packaging that people buy them in not 1, but 2 plastic containers!


However, I then asked the class who buys individual bags of crisps, or chocolate bars, biscuits or cartons of juice and we found that all of us put up our hand. So we set out to investigate how much packaging we were using in each.


The children were very considerate learners, applying their maths skills to the problem- lots of measuring, using calculators, and working out the area of packaging as you can see from the photos. The childre were very cooperative and communicative learners.


After our investigation we came to the conclusion that it is much better to buy a bigger packet of something because it uses far less packaging for the same amount of product. In some cases more than 5 times as much packaging was used. We all decided that we might share this information with parents at home and try and use less packaging!



On Tuesday we spent the afternoon on the 'Send my friend to school' campaign which all DASP schools are part of. It had been pledged by the UN council that all children would be in eduction by 2015, however, 58 million children are still not recieving any education. We discussed this, looking at the numbers in different countries, then we got personal and read stories about children that do not go to school, THEN we got thinking, we thought about what we would do if we were a world leader to get children into school. Ask your child, what was their idea?

We wrote all our ideas onto cut out figures which we coloured in to look like world leaders, and these are to be taken to Downing street, delivered by two pupils from each school in DASP.



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