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Harvest time. 10.10.13

We started the week with Harvest Festival. For those of you that were able to attend, didn’t they do well? For those of you who were not there, the children looked at the history of harvest and found that it originated in Anglo-Saxon times! They also looked at the letters in harvest and used them to make different words such as rest, have, share, starve, vast, eat and heat. They used these words to think about why we celebrate harvest and wrote a reflection or prayer on them which they read out in church. They were very confident and considerate learners.
The children have been very conscientious with their learning in Literacy and have finished and written up their fabulous Myths in their neatest handwriting.
In Maths the children have had the challenging topic of multiplication and division this week. The children have all said how they have had to be confident learners as they have found some of the learning quite tricky.
In ICT children are close to completing their famous Viking and Anglo-Saxon power points. We learnt how to create a hyperlink and some of us learnt how to animate images to make our presentations more exciting. We look forward to showing you them.

In class worship we have been talking about being Caring. This week Abbey class took the children in Giant class up to the Peace Garden. They then took them around the Peace Garden to find creatures and plants and talked to them about how we should care and respect our world. George and Alesha were very confident and said a prayer to the two classes.

Children have started to bring in and share their family projects. I have really enjoyed seeing the learning they have been doing at home. Harriet has written us a Myth and is going to share it to the class on Monday in our story time, I am looking forward to hearing it.

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