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Week 10 The Romans 17.11.16

Week 10. Romans!


Hello everybody,


It is only so many days until a certain big event :) There is lots happening and you will be informed via this blog as well as through the newsletters.


Wednesday was a success with all of the children coming in their Roman attire. We listened to Roman music, completed word searches, found out new facts about the Romans, sketched each other as Romans, watched videos describing the life of a Roman child and found out about life before the Romans invaded Britain. Our learning exposure is still be decided but will be even more exciting. Watch this space. Also, I hope everyone will continue to keep practising their times tables ad spellings at home.


Just a reminder about the Nativity performance. All of the children have been given their parts and home learning in the next few weeks will consist of learning the lines. Costume letters will go out this week as well.


There is also a basketball festival next Wednesday 10-12pm and the children who have got selected will need to bring their permission slips in order to attend. We have done really well so far in terms of sports festivals so long may it continue.


Hope everybody has a peaceful weekend.


Many thanks,


Mr Mitchem.

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