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I love maths week 28.03.13

How lovely to see so many parents and grand parents supporting our family maths morning this morning! As Abbey Class have been finding out- maths is everywhere!

Abbey Class have had an amazing week learning about mathematics, especially money. We have thought about how money is used and how our families use money in the real world. We have solved maths problems and dealt with budgets.Our visitors from Barclays Bank helped us to consider what we want and what we need to have, where our money comes from and how households spend money. Mr Moore taught us to consider how to run a business and told us about his own business.Many thanks to them for sharing their expertise with us.

Abbey class thought about those less well off and how we could help them.We have had great co-operative learning with Giant class, finding out about Fairtrade products and the countries they came from.

We also enjoyed the Spring Assembly when we performed our poems 'Daffodils' and 'Holy Week'.

A positive, purposeful and enthusiastic atmosphere

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