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Wonderful Wessex water. 14.11.13

This week we have been captured into our topic on 'Wonderful Water' by Mr Forbes from Wessex water. He came to speak to us about the part they play in looking after our water, making sure that we get clean water to our houses and that the dirty water gets taken away and treated.
Mr Forbes showed us how we make water dirty in our homes and we were all very disgusted ...until we  realised that it was not real!!
We then experimented with how and why toilets can get blocked when we put the wrong types of paper down them. 
After that we thought about how to save water, and made a game to encourage others to do so.

In Literacy this week we have been looking at information texts, researching rivers around the world, and planning our non-chronological reports so that we can write them next week. To improve our writing we have learnt about questions to interest our audience, adverbial starters to start our sentences, and connectives to extend our sentences.

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