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How do we know so much about the Normans? 01/05/14

After being captured into our topic last week by the amazing re-enactors, who visited us and taught us so much about the Normans and their weapons we have had a great week of learning this week. We learnt that much of what we know about the Normans is from the things that they have left behind. So this week we have been learning about some of the things they left behind and what they tell us about them.

We have looked at some of the amazing castles they have built, and their features, and then drawn our own Norman castle.
We learnt about the Doomsday book and what it tells us about England, and how it was used- to make sure people paid the correct taxes!!

In literacy the children have been writing diary entries as a Norman crossing the channel, landing and then fighting at the battle of Hastings. The children have really considered their learning this week and set each others improvements for their next diary entry.

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