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Greek week 7.11.13

 We have had a really great Greek Week, enjoyed by all. The children have learned about Ancient and modern Greece through lots of exciting and engaging activities.
On Monday the children read different Greek Myths, highlighting the main events in the Myth and then retelling them to each other. They then wrote a comic strip of their Myth, retelling the events in sequence and using lots of time connectives, which we learnt about last half term.
In the afternoon the children drew the pictures for their comic strips and enjoyed using the watercolour paints to paint their drawings. They really concentrated hard, using really fine paint brushes to show all the detail in their pictures. We had some impressive results and some of them are now displayed in the classroom so come and have a look.
On Tuesday the children all dressed up as Greeks. Their costumes were fantastic, so a big thank you to all of you for putting them together.....amazing what you can do with a bed sheet or towel, very creative!!
After a huge clear up, Abbey class then hosted the whole school Greek feast and all the children got to sample their own and other classes cooking.
After a huge clear up, Abbey class then hosted the whole school Greek feast and all the children got to sample their own and other classes cooking.
In the afternoon the children learnt the story of Troy and were then challenged to design and make their own present/ object with a secret compartment. Again, the children were really confident and independent in their learning and I enjoyed seeing all their creative inventions.
On Wednesday the children learnt about the geographical location of Greece, by using on Google Earth and atlases. They then learnt about modern Greece by gathering information from books and the internet to make a travel guide. They completed their research with giant class, showing them that we can find information in books on the computer. The two classes were very cooperative and communicative in their learning.
The children were very conscientious in their learning, finishing their travel guides on Thursday with some fantastic results.

In the afternoon, the children participated in a whole school Greek Olympics (unfortunately inside due to the weather). The children played in teams and really encouraged and supported each other.
They had a go at Javelin.
The played skittles and practiced their long jump.
Finally, the put their throwing skills to the test in some target throwing.
The whole school enjoyed the day it was great to have them altogether.
On Thursday, after finishing off their travel guides, Abbey class learnt about all the things that the Greeks invented.
In the afternoon the children learnt about Greek art and pottery. We noticed that the Ancient Greeks used to depict scenes of daily life on their pots so we designed our own Greek pots with a scene of something that we do every day. We had scenes of children diving, sailing, running, walking their dog, watching television and playing football and tennis.
To round off our Greek week the children learnt some Greek dancing. We had so much fun doing this, and the children were really independent in their learning, supporting each other, cooperating and communicating so that they were successful.

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