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REDUCE! 21.4.15

What a creative couple of days we have had with our capture into our topic. The children have been focusing on the ‘R’ for reusing the last two days.

In the classroom with Mrs Mattison we took an old tin can and thought of as many ideas as what we could turn it into-some of them simple, and some of the completely wild! We had to be really communicative caterpillars and the more ideas others thought of, the more we thought of.

We then chose what we wanted to turn our own tin can into, and researched other models on the internet to come up with our own ideas- we completed questionnaires asking others about colour and design, we found ‘how to’ guides, we found other products that inspired them and then used all of these to make an ideas board. Next, we designed a few different versions of our product. Finally we made them, this was trickier than we thought because we had to do lots of accurate and careful measuring, cutting and sticking. Some of us had to be very conscientious caterpillars and keep on trying to finish.

Come and see them in our classroom we have made: stilts, wasp catchers, tea light holders, pencil pots, drums, shakers, handbags, robots, bug homes, buckets and more!





In forest school the children had to be cooperative and communicative as the problem solved to work out how to make a shelter out recycled materials.

They also got the opportunity to reuse glass jars to turn them into tea light holders, weave with old clothes, and some of us decided to make some art installations out of bottle tops. It was so engaging to be able to take items we usually throw away and just choose what and how we could turn them into something else.

I don't think I need to say anything else, the photos speak for themselves!

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