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Recycled art to make you think 16.5.15

This week in science we came back to our plants that we had left in different conditions around the school. We were all shocked that the plants that were in the cupboard grew, as we had all predicted that they would not because they did not have light. We concluded that a plant does not need light to germinate and start growing, but does to carry on growing. Even Mr Christian, who has very green fingers, could not believe that the cress in the fridge grew- a very hardy plant!!

Oh, and we had to stop everything to look at, discuss and learn about the slow worm George discovered in the playground. It was very exciting; some of us have not seen a live one before. We all had time to look at him and then we let him slither off into the peace garden.


We have also spent time researching plastic, packaging, rubbish and recycling this week so that in literacy we had reasons to persuade Tescos to stop giving out plastic bags for free. However, we came across some facts that really astounded us. We discussed our thoughts and feelings about some of the truly scary facts and then spent time expressing our thoughts and feelings by making a piece of art work that went with our fact. I hope those of you that came to our ‘art that makes you think’ exhibition today were as moved as we were and will make you think twice before you throw something away!

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