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Week 5 - Maths Week, Pantosauras and Pursuit curves!

Abbey class have had a fantastic maths week!


On a side note, the children started their week with a visit from Pantosauras. A very valuable life lesson about the simple PANTS rule in order to keep safe. 

They have done numerous learning activities that have involved learning maths in the context of other subjects. Here are some of the week's highlights. 

 - The children experienced maths mazes and attempted to find their way out of the maze. I'm glad they were only paper versions as we might not have got out, very challenging learning!

- Fun, challenging maths riddles, gets children thinking outside the box

- Quick fire maths 'Fluent in Five' calculations

- Maths lessons - Focus on Multiplication and Division

- Daily maths magic tricks (don't give up the day Mr Mitchem!)

- Guided reading about the planet Mars with lots of really grown up learning about distances, diameters and speed. 

- Linking to Art, the children learnt how to draw curves of pursuit. This involved accurate measuring and calculating. 

- Daily blether station questions all week. Lots of discussion has taken place about how maths is used in different aspects of life and work

- A daily dose of addition and multiplication with a game of PIG. A very fun, enjoyable game involving dice. 

- Statistic learning about real life prisoners, some from Cerne Abbas 

(Dorchester Prison Register), with some being convicted for smuggling. 

- And finally, maths games during Fun on Friday, including the fun game 'Uno'


We have all had a great week!


A positive, purposeful and enthusiastic atmosphere

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