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How do we know about the Anglo Saxons? 12.4.16

Welcome back, I hope you had a wonderful Easter Holidays.


We have started our topic, ‘Vicious Vikings and Amazing Anglo-Saxons off in earnest. We have started by learning about just how we know so much about these people…or we think we know! We have become archaeologists and experimental historians this week. We have looked at the artefacts and remains that have been left behind by the Anglo Saxons and tried to work out what they were, what they would have been used for and what it tells us about how they lived and what they were like.


We also looked at the remains of Anglo Saxon houses and from these built upwards to work out what they houses looked like. We decided the holes in the ground that have been found were left behind by posts. Then we discussed what type of material we thought would be used to make walls and decided that thin sticks might have been used (we used art straws). However, there were gaps in our walls and we felt the rain and cold might get in so we decided that they may have used earth to stick onto the walls…we used clay. Look at our fantastic houses as they dry out, we now need to decide what to use on the roof!

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