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Battle of Hastings 17.10.13

This week the children have started on the non-fiction genre of instruction writing in Literacy. We started at the beginning of the week by learning about the events in the Battle of Hastings and acting it out on the field with the Anglo-Saxon shields that we made in art. Although we walked mud through the school (sorry Mrs Scolding who had to hoover it all up), and some of the handles fell off our shields, we all enjoyed doing this and could remember the key events from the battle. The children wrote the events of the battle in order, using time connectives and focusing on how the Normans tricked the Anglo-Saxons in the battle. After looking at instruction texts and how they are organised we started writing our own instructions on how to catch an Anglo-Saxon/ Viking, using some of the Normans ideas from the battle.
Everyone has enjoyed this weeks Literacy lessons, including me, and I cannot wait to read their instructions this weekend.

In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We have been really conscientious in our lessons and have made lots of progress which has been great to see.

In art, the children finished designing their Anglo-Saxon pendants or brooches with influence from the Staffordshire Hoard. They then made them in clay, experimenting with different clay tools to carve their intricate designs and painted them gold. The children cannot wait to turn them into necklaces or brooches and wear them proudly home.

We have had some fabulous home learning, we have all been WOWed by the quality and standard, so thank you for the time and effort you have given to your projects. The children have celebrated their home learning in a special show and tell this week. We will be doing another one next week for the others that are yet to come in. I will create a special blog for you all at the end of half term so that we have a record of your achievements!

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