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Lovely, lovely learning. 5.12.13

We have had a lovely week of learning in school this week.
In maths, the children have been learning skills in data collecting and handling, shape, space and measure. The children were affronted when Miss Clifford told them that their favourite drink was water, so they decided to plan an investigation to find out whether she was right or not... she wasn't!
In Literacy, the children have been looking at their results of the river sampling they did in Forest School. They found that the river is quite polluted and have decided to email the Environmental Agency about it. We have been learning about persuasive language to do this, and have had lots of fun learning how to argue different points of view. We have been very communicative this week.
In topic time the children have spent time practising for the school play which is starting to come together. For home learning this week it is important that children learn their lines off by heart.

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