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Week 2 - Topic Capture, Church Worship and Remembrance Day

Week 2


Hello! I hope you have all had a wonderful week. Here is a snapshot of our learning this week


- Topic Capture (Drama activity, Coordinate/directions learning to locate treasures, smuggler creation using pastels)

- Church worship

- Trees for Dorset came in on Monday working with the year 3's. We now have a wormery to look after and monitor.

- New wake and shake song

- Investigated whether ice melted at different rates in different places (Science)

- Looked at difference between common and proper nouns

- Learnt about the 'Earl of Abergavenny' and wrote a diary extract5 (Year 4's)

- Started to learn the 'Smugglers Song'. We looked at the meaning of specific words and the meaning behind the lines.

- Started our English focus on 'The Lighthouse'


and much, much more!


Gentle reminders:

- Practise the 'Smugglers song' when you can

- Read the trip letter that was sent out via email


Have a great weekend :)


Mr Mitchem.


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