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Week 6 - Global Week and Sports Day!

The children of Abbey class have really embraced 'Global Week' and have been doing lots of global learning, in a very confide manner! The children have touched upon 'The Beatles', learnt about the different countries and cities in Europe, learnt about the paintings of Piet Mondrian and painted their own rainforest pictures, explored the issue of deforestation and the benefits of both sides of the argument, read about the journey of a girl called Malek who is a refugee from Syria and thought about how we would make her feel welcome in our school, explored the ancient site of Uluru in Australia and they also thought about whether it is right that there should be tourism in Antarctica.
Lots of real life global issues explored throughout the week!


Moreover, the children also had a very successful Art Day on Wednesday where they made Beijing Opera masks, Mola art from Panama and also aboriginal dot paintings! Please do come and see some of our art on display in the near future!


Please do come back and see the photos from our 'Sports Day' on Thursday!

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