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Week 5 - Celtic Knots, Peace Garden and Transfer Day

Abbey class had a brilliant day on Thursday for Transfer Day. We started off with some drama activities in order to get to know each other better (Some very funny impressions of all kinds of animals!) and then went straight onto some circle games involving hula hoops. Both very enjoyable! After PE, the children were able to colour in their own superhero in preparation for September, played snakes and ladders, listened to a live performance of some recorder playing, discussed what makes a great classmate and . In the afternoon, the children attempted to 'Crack the code'. They had to work cooperatively in small groups to answer a series of statements and then follow clues around the school! A very enjoyable and competitive afternoon! They also received a postcard which they will send back to school during the summer holiday letting everyone know what they have got up to! I look forward to the children reading them out the first day back!
Well done 'Year 3' and well done 'Year 4' :)

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