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Teeth and Tankas!! 09/10/14

This week we have had a full week at school, however, we have still been doing learning outside the classroom!

In Literacy we have been looking at poetry with a form. We started by going to the river and taking the time to look, see, touch, and smell the river, think up some great adjectives and similes to describe the river, which are now on our literacy wall. We have then been writing river inspired haikus, Tankas and Cinquains using our descriptive language.

In science we have been learning about our teeth. We made plaster of Paris moulds of our teeth so that we could see our incisors, molars and canines clearly. Most of us new that we only get two sets of teeth in our lifetime and that we have to look after them by brushing our teeth and watching what we eat. However, were not sure what toothpaste and mouthwash actually did, so we investigated this. We used eggs as teeth, treating one to mouthwash and the other not. We then put them in vinegar and observed what happened. The children found out that the mouthwash protected the egg for a good length of time before the vinegar started dissolving it. The children concluded that fluoride protects your teeth for some time, but not all the time, which is why you still need to watch what you eat even if you do brush your teeth!!

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