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Tennis taster sessions. 3.10.13

This week the children have been writing their Myths. We started the week by drawing our Mythical Land, deciding where their Myth began as well as the journey they took through their land. We then used these plans and all the descriptions we had written about our mythical land to write our Myths. Most of us have nearly finished them, writing an explosive conclusion and an interesting ending!

In games the children had both Multi-skills and tennis in one afternoon- phew!

Dorchester Tennis Academy gave us a one off taster session. Everyone enjoyed having a go, but unfortunately we had to do it in the village hall as it was raining.
Dorchester Area School Partnership (DASP) coaches have been coming in each week to teach us Multi-skills. This week the children had to pretend to be different animals. Can you guess which animal they are trying to be?
We used ICT to complete some research on the internet focusing on different famous Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. This week we have started putting a power-point together to present all the facts we have found out. The children are learning in pairs and have been very co-operative and communicative with each other.
Our focus during art and design has been Anglo-Saxon shields with our community member,Mr Christian. They look fabulous displayed in the classroom, come and have a look. We have also been making very careful observational drawings of artefacts with intricate designs on them, such as broaches, necklaces, buttons, bangles and sword handles. The children are going to use their observational drawings to design their own broach or necklace out of clay.

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