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Week 2 - Counting, Coasts and Chess

Week 2 - Counting, Coasts and Chess :)


Hope everybody has settled into school again and is looking forward to the learning ahead.


Here is a run down of the learning in Abbey Class this week:


- In maths, we have been counting and understanding the core concepts of place value

- We have been learning about verbs and adverbs in English

- Started off our topic understanding the difference between physical and human geography

- In Science, we looked at the layers of the Earth

- Reading Roald Dahl's book 'The Giraffe, the Pelly and me'

- Concentrating on our sitting position and writing grip in handwriting


And much, much more! Ask the children if you want more information :)


Important notices:


- A letter is going out Friday about our trip to Lulworth Cove as part of our learning for our topic.

- Draughts/Chess club is on a Thursday lunchtime is you are interested

- Check the parent letter for more important dates


Have a good weekend,


Mr Mitchem

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