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Fantastic first week. 5.9.13

Hello and welcome to you all!  

Firstly, I would like to welcome two very special young ladies Eden and Lily to the school and to our class.
This week we have been getting to know each other, the new classroom and timetable (break is now 25 minutes earlier following a request from the children!). We have spent time talking about our expectations of each other and the children's expectations of me and what we want our learning environment to look like. 

Being top of the school, Abbey class have all been given a responsability around the school, from making sure we do not waste electricity to emptying the recycling bins, we hope this will make us more considerate learners.

The children have written poems based on poems we read from 'The Important Book' by Margaret Wise and we have made our own book up called the 'The Important Thing About Abbey Class.'
We also had great fun drawing around our shadows in the playgroud, cutting them out to make a silhouette and then filling our silhouette with paintings of all the things that make up us.
Today we completed a problem solving task learning co-operatively with each other. In teams we had to make structures out of cocktail sticks and midgit gums that could hold a book. For extra points the structure had to be as tall as they could make it. We all learnt a lot by trial and error and lots of persiverence as Lulu said. 
Thank you Mr Christian for coming in and helping us all. He will be joining us every week and helping us with our learning in Maths, Art and D & T.
Next week is our safety week, we will be paying particular attention to esafety.

I hope that it has not been too much of a shock to the system in starting the school routine again and that you have enjoyed the summer sunshine that we have had this week.
I have really enjoyed my first few days and the massive welcome I have recieved from Cerne staff, children and parents. I hope that all of Abbey class have enjoyed their week aswell.

Miss Clifford. 

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