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Reflective day 1.7.16

Sadly I cannot talk to you about sports day as it got rained off! But we have a new one booked in for the 14th July so we hope you can come.


This week we had a reflective week where the children either reflected on how their relationship with God affects their life, or, if they were a Christian, how would a Christian's relationship with God affect their life.

We split into 3 groups and completed different activities with Mrs Creswell, miss Cook and Mrs Mattison.

With Miss Cook we listened to the story of the good Samaritan and then reflected on how and why we should be liked him. In Mrs Creswell's class we wrote songs to god. With Mrs Mattison we looked at Iconography and how Jesus' light might shine out of us if we were a Christian and what we might do to show that. Lots of us felt our values of the fruits of the spirit and our 'C' values were very important in showing this.

Look at the photos below showing us creating our self portraits with the values shining out of us.



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