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Week 1 - Chris Connaughton, DASP story writing and our Topic Capture

Abbey Class have had a fantastic first week back after half term.


These are their highlights:


- DASP 500 word writing challenge. The whole school got together to plan and write a 500 word story in groups of 4. The children were very creative in their ideas and the group with the best story will earn a visit to Thomas Hardye School for a writing experience.

- Learnt about possessive apostrophes and the present perfect tense in our English lessons 

- Measurement learning in maths (millimetres , centimetres, metres and kilometres)

- Inspirational visit from the author Chris Connaughton. He told the Greek myth, Perseus and Medusa'. All of the children were spellbound. See the newsletter for pictures of Chris Connaughton in action!

- Gymnastics in PE

- Designed chocolate bar wrappers in aid of a competition being run by House of Dorchester.

- Began our topic learning by looking at the Roman legend of 'Romulus and Remus'.

- Started our Science learning off by looking to see if our bodies were as fast as Usain Bolt. We explored the reasons why we were just a tad slower than him!


And much, much more!


Have a great weekend,


Mr Mitchem

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