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Science day 24.10.13

This week has been a fabulous end to the half-term. The children have finished all their learning, making their beautiful intricate brooches and pendants and repairing their shields. We researched the Staffordshire hoard and the Sutton Hoo burial to get inspiration for our designs of our shields and jewellery. This week we have talked about whether digging up these artefacts is right or wrong and why.
On Tuesday we had a Science day; the aim of the day was to build longboats. To build long boats the children thought that they needed to learn about the weight of boats, how to make them balance and how to make them waterproof.  We completed several investigations to try and find these things out.  
First the children measured the weight of objects in and out of water and discovered that they weighed less in water. We then learnt about the force up thrust and displacement (Archimedes principle).
In the afternoon children had to design and make their own Viking long boat, thinking about how to make it float and how to make it waterproof using all the knowledge they had gained from their experiments in the morning. The children really engaged in their learning and we had some fantastic results.
We then tested them all outside.
Thank you to all those who came in to see the children’s learning today, I hope you all enjoyed seeing what they have achieved this half term.

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