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We are captured! 06.03.14

This week we have had a full week in the classroom, putting all our enthusiasm from our capture into our learning.

In Literacy the children have been writing poems about their favourite monkeys from Monkey World. They had to use figurative language to create an image of the monkey in the readers mind so the reader could guess which monkey it was. We have had some fantastic poems using personification, similes, metaphors and really powerful verbs. The children’s poems are in their topic books and they cannot wait to show you them at our learning exposure.

In Maths this week we have been learning column addition and subtraction so that today we could be confident shop keepers at monkey world and help customers add up the prices of their items and give change.

In ICT the children have started learning about spreadsheets and wowed me with their confidence in writing formula which we will be using next week.  Mrs Hellyar is joining us this term for ICT to support us with our learning in computing. She is taking a group each week to introduce them to algorithms (computing instructions) by programming her to make them a jam sandwich!

In art we have studied Rousseau and his jungle paintings. This week we have experimented with how to mix colour in paint, chalk and oil pastels and tissue paper by making lots of leaves. These will make up a huge Rousseau painting in the classroom, so watch out! (We had so much fun, I forgot to take photos!)

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