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DASP Send My Friend to School Campaign 2018

On Friday, Molly, William and I headed off to London on a coach of school councilors and staff from DASP to go to the Houses of Parliament to meet with Oliver Letwin, our local MP. We wanted him to know how passionate we are that ALL children around the world deserve a safe education and we want him to share this message with his colleagues in parliament. We hope that then our country will support others to ensure that children can have a safe education all around the world. Molly asked Oliver Letwin what he thinks we should be doing to help Syrian refugees to have a safe education. She told him what she would do and they were very similar in their thoughts! William and Molly got to enjoy a tour of the Houses of Parliament during their visit. They even got to go into the House of Lords and the House of Commons! It was a very long day of travelling but I think they would agree it was totally worth it! Mrs Cain was very proud of both of them for supporting this very special campaign and being all of our 7 Cs throughout the whole day - which was 13 hours long! 

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