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Dodgeball Festival

Today we took part in a *NEW* festival of Dodgeball, we arrived at Damers first School and were greeted by year 4 children from Damers and year 7 DMS pupils. Mr Treble introduced what was going to happen throughout the morning, 5 stations and then matches to play at the end, he focused on everyone having some fun and making new friends, he then split the schools into 5 teams and set them on their way. After the stations we had a quick snack then everyone made up a team name and then were off to play some matches, with balls flying everywhere the hall was soon filled with cheering and shouting!! Finally Mr Treble thanked all the children for a wonderful morning and after a quick Hi five to all the sports leaders we were on our way back to school. The children were all buzzing as for many of them this was their first festival and once again showed all our 7 C's to make us proud of them all.

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