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FA football
The children have thoroughly enjoyed and embraced these last 6 weeks of football sessions with the FA’s Andy Harris. They have learnt which different parts of the foot you can kick a ball with, dribbling, how to dodge a defender and learnt when to kick the ball ahead of you when there is space. They have visited Dinosaur Island, Football Mountain and have even been into space where they were astronauts visiting planets in their spaceships. Both Mrs Price and Miss Nottley have seen the children getting more confident each week, working co-operatively with each other and communicating their different and inventive ideas as the weeks progressed. We were proud of both their behaviour and willing to learn attitude, they really are a credit to our School. Thank you to all the parents who came to the workshop and watched the children. Also a huge thank you to Andy, even the children who said at the start they didn’t want to play football ended up running around with huge smiles on their faces, you inspired them all! 

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