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Hopes and Dreams Week - Ali from Monkey World

This week is Hopes and Dreams Week where we will be thinking about what we might like to be when we are older.
Today we had Ali from Monkey World who talked to us about her job at Monkey World. We talked to us about her role which is to educate about all the different types of monkeys and apes. She discussed the qualities she needs to do her job. She explained that she needs to be brave when talking to lots of new people, confident to know what to say, loyal to Monkey World as she represents them in their uniform. At school, she talked about the importance of listening to enable her to learn. She explained that, at school, taking part in plays and assemblies really helped her to learn how to communicate to others. She told us that after school, she continued to learn and how learning doesn't stop when you leave school. She told us the importance of being curious and doing a job that brings us joy and happiness as well as paying the bills. I'm sure they are a few children who think that they could have qualities needed to work at Monkey World.
Thank you Ali!

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