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Kwik Cricket!

Year 1/2 took part in a Kwik Cricket festival at DMS organised by Mr Brown, when we arrived we were split up and took part in different stations, these included catching, throwing, co-ordination and agility and they were run by year DMS sports leaders. After this we played mini Kwik Cricket games, our first game was against Damers which we lost narrowly, next we played Prince of Wales and with our confidence taken from the first game and learning some new tactics, we fielded really well and used out throwing practice to keep them to a low score, then batted well to win the game. Our final game was from our close rivals Winterbourne Abbas, the batting was exceptional from both teams and very competitive but we managed to win this game too and eventually came second, a huge cheer from our kids when they heard this made the day and all of them were co-operative, conscientious and most of all very confident! We all left totally exhausted but with smiles on our faces. The children then wrote about the day and said they felt nervous at the start, had made new friends, said it was a lot of fun and it was the best day ever! 

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