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Maths Day!

Maths Day!

A huge thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to support our Maths Day today! We were really delighted by the number of people who attended and supported us. We hope that everyone who joined us enjoyed it and had fun sharing a love of Maths with their children. Another big thank you goes to the school council members who helped me plan today as well as helped me serve the breakfast today with the lovely Mrs Edwards and Mrs Moore too! I was so proud of the school council today, they were all of our 7 C values and wowed me with their Maths knowledge of money! They have all made lots of progress since being in Reception! It was wonderful to see this and for them to be enjoying handling money and learning with it. One last thank you goes to all our wonderful staff members who helped make today possible - everyone helped to prepare it and make it a success!


My feedback from the children made today completely worth it, they told me in worship at the end of the day that they had all loved the day. Everyone enjoyed different parts of the day the most, however I think the 'Maths Café' breakfast and the 'Maths Scavenger Hunt' were perhaps the top favourites! I asked for some 'Growing Greens' for next year which were to have more space for buying the croissants and drinks (Fair point - the corridor was plan B after the rain did not stop and the canopy was filling with water!!!) and that we should have done more Maths in the afternoon! (We did art with a Maths focus but will have to make it even more clear next year!) 


Incase you wanted to know what we got up to during Maths day...

We started the day with our Maths Café and Maths quizzes on the tables, followed by 'Maths Show and Tell' where the children taught their families a Maths skill. Once our families had left we took it in turns to do a 'Maths Scavenger Hunt' around the school in our colour teams. We had to answer a Maths challenge question and then solve a riddle to tell us the location of the next challenge! It was great fun and lovely to see all of the older children being co-operative and supportive to the younger children. When not doing the Scavenger Hunt, the teams played lots of fun Maths games in the classrooms.


After playtime we all went back to our own classes, Giant and Trendle classes made their own Maths games which was a big success! Abbey Class did some problem solving around profit - linked to our café. Mr Mitchum told me there was some super co-operative and considerate learning going on as this was very challenging learning!


After lunch we had a creative afternoon learning about artists such as Kandinsky and Fibonacci, using shapes - circles in particular - to create our own masterpieces! We have all created a small, square painting based on Kandinsky's concentric circles paintings which we will put together to create a Cerne Abbas School masterpiece!! Keep your eyes peeled for this to appear in the corridor soon!


We ended the day with an assembly to celebrate our learning from the afternoon and to share our favourite parts of the day.


We will count the money from today to work out how much we have made for our charity Heart Response and for some new Maths resources in school. Thank you again to everyone who joined in today and contributed by buying your breakfast or by making a donation.

Mrs Cain


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