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Mental Health and Well-Being Week

We started our Mental Health and Wellbeing week with a happiness talk from Jermaine Harris. He travels the world talking to groups including famous people such as footballers and celebrities.
He told us that scientists have worked out that being kind to others make us all happy. He explained that there are two ways to make us happy...
1. Saying thank you for things that make us happy
2. Moving and dancing (we all had a boogie to 'I like to move it move it...!'
Scientists say that when we move around, our brains feel happy.

He talked about the importance of role-models and how they believe in themselves. It is important that we imagine ourselves where we want to be and set a goal e.g to be the best golfer.
We learnt how to give ourselves self affirmations... e.g. I am strong, I am beautiful

He talked to us about the power of breathe and taking breaths which fill our tummies (not physically!).

Throughout the presentation, the word 'dance' popped up... every time this happened, we had to stand up and dance... children loved this!

This has been such an uplifting morning... thank you Jermaine.

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