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Mr Vann is Christmas'y' Considering...

'An artist was painting a winter landscape.  He painted the ground beneath a blanket of snow, with pine trees their limbs capped in white.  Then, with a few deft strokes of his brush, night fell on the canvas and the entire scene was covered with semi-darkness.  A grim log cabin was barely visible in the shadows.  Finally, the artist dipped his brush in the yellow paint of his pallet, and carefully added to one of the cabin windows the warm glow of a lamp.  As he finished the painting the gold rays of the lamp reflected happily on the fresh snow.  The lonely light totally changed the tone of the picture, replacing the gloomy chilled night with a warm and secure homestead.
What happened on that canvas happened two thousand years ago on the world's canvas.  A tiny baby came into a grim and dark world, shining light across the barren landscape – a light that still invites men to come into the warmth of God’s grace and find there peace, and hope, and love. 
Realizing that… 
 God is in control and will fill your Christmas with peace,
 God can and will fill your Christmas with hope,
 God cares and will fill your Christmas with love.'

David Zimmerman

God Bless all the families and children of Cerne Abbas this Christmas Holiday. Rest well and stay safe.
Mr Vann.

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