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Mrs Cresswell's Romanian Trip

During half Term Mrs Cresswell went with the charity 'Heart Response', that our school supports, to Romania. She visited the orphanages, hospital, Romanian houses where the sick and elderly live and helped with preparing the food and teaching the children as part of the feeding programmes that go into the gypsy villages.


Before she went the children and families of Cerne Abbas First School donated pants, socks, vests and T-shirts which we posted out before the trip. The children at our school also drew pictures of themselves and wrote their names to introduce themselves to the Romanian children in a very poor gypsy village called Silivas. The parcels of clothes arrived and Mrs Cresswell was able to take them, with the team, to this village. She helped give the clothes to the children as well as give them the pictures that the children of Cerne Abbas had drawn of themselves. Mrs Cresswell also took a photograph of us to show the children and was then able to show the Romanian children which child had drawn which picture. They absolutely loved looking at the pictures and matching the drawing to the photograph of the child. In return they coloured pictures for us.


The visit was an amazing experience and very thought-provoking. The people in Romania were so welcoming and inspiring. It was a privilege to be part of and help the charity.

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