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Multi Skills

Today William, Saffron, Jayden and Catherine-Rose took part in a multi skills festival at DMS, along with 4 other schools led by year 8 students they had turns on several stations trying to score as high as they could, these were beanbag throw, equipment run, big ball roll, ball catch, get up get down, ladder sprint, they then had a rest and then stations were made more difficult and the time increased. They had a brilliant time and at the end the results were announced, we waited patiently, in 5th 4th 3rd place....... still not heard our 2nd place.....OMG In 1st place CERNE ABBAS FIRST SCHOOL, we had won! Our children whooped with joy and the smiles on their faces told it all.


We are all so proud of you all and you were all our 7c's throughout the afternoon.

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