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Netball Tournament

Some of the Year 3 & 4's took place in the netball tournament at Winterbourne 
Valley School on Saturday 28th July.
Despite a poor weather forecast, it turned into a beautiful and very hot 

The tournament was well attended with 6 teams taking place.  

Cerne got off to a slow start but as each match progressed the team work 
increased and the standard of netball improved, with some great marking and 

Hannah and Freya made an effective team in defence against difficult opponents 
and Toby and Thomas worked well as goal scorers.

The constant change of positions gave the children a great opportunity to play 
all five positions but did cause the watching supporters a moment of worry when 
Angus who had just played goal shooter and was now goal keeper very nearly 
scored an "own" goal.

The team won 2 matches, drew 1 and lost 2 - losing out to the teams who came 
first and second overall.

The whole group thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon and they all played to the 
best of their abilities, showing how co-operative they could be and being conscientious.

A positive, purposeful and enthusiastic atmosphere

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