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Our Reflective Day

Today has been a 'Reflective day' across our school. We have been learning about how the bible story of Samuel and Eli relates to our school. Samuel was the son of Hannah. Hannah wanted a baby boy very much and when God gave her Samuel she made sure that he was raised in the church. One night Samuel heard a voice calling him. At first he thought it was his teacher, Eli's voice, but then he found out that it was God speaking to him! Samuel went on to be a great leader for God who was very sensitive to hearing God’s voice and what he wanted him to say to people. Mrs Cresswell explained that Samuel was a good example of someone who had been raised by a good teacher and could listen to God (his inner voice).

We have been learning about how this relates to our school bible verse: 'Teach a child how they should live and they will remember it all of their lives' Proverbs, Chapter 22, verse 6.
Just like Samuel, we all have an inner voice (this is the God’s voice for Christians or your conscience) which also guides us to what to do for the best.

During the day we visited different classrooms to complete various activities and learning linked to the story. With Mrs Cresswell we thought about our inner voice and what it says to us. We thought about how our inner voice can help us to make a difference and to 'be the best we can be'. With Miss Stephens we found out a bit more about the story of Samuel by playing listening games and making our own telephones; helping us to think about how important it is to listen to the voices around us. With Mrs Brown we learnt about what Eli taught Samuel about keeping the temple clean and how they showed our Christian values.

We gathered together as a school at the end of the day to share all our learning and reflections. Well done, everyone. You all worked collaboratively in your colour teams exploring the story with all your teachers and friends across the school. Perhaps you could look through the pictures at home and tell your grown ups more about our learning today!

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