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Our Reflective Day

Today we had a Reflective Day and everyone was encouraged to think deeply using a windows, mirrors and doors analogy. We started the day with the whole school gathering together and each staff member shared a special object or picture and explained why it meant so much to them. Children then visited each classroom in their teams and took part in activities to encourage deep reflection. Miss Trent's room experienced rock mindfulness and then painted their own rock, Mrs Brown had a prayer stations in her room to encourage children to think about various things they could pray about or reflect upon and in Miss Stephen' s room all of the children talked about and recorded why their objects, that they had brought in were special to them. We then gathered at the end of the day to share our thoughts about the day. We finished with a mindfulness activity and prayer led by the children. Spirituality is a golden thread of our curriculum and we love spending time just allowing ourselves to think more deeply about things.

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