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Our Vision Reflective Day

We spent a day off timetable looking in detail about how our vision 'to be the best we can be' impacts our lives and the lives of the people around us. At the start of the day teachers shared how they tried to be the best they could be in the various areas of their lives. Miss Stephens explained how she thought this was an ongoing daily way of thinking that we find easier on some days than others and Miss Trent talked about how she tried to be the best eldest sister that she could be. The children then visited each class in the mixed aged teams and thought more deeply about this. One class looked at how Ruth, a heroine from the the bible, tried to be the best she could be, another class thought about this through a windows, mirrors, doors perspective. We see things happening in our world (windows), it makes us feel a certain way (mirrors)  and then we take action as a result (doors). Finally another session was about how we are all wonderfully made and beautifully unique. The day ended with sharing our thoughts and recording these in our Reflective diaries.

A positive, purposeful and enthusiastic atmosphere

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