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Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and general water sports at Portland Sailing Academy

On Monday Years 3 and 4 will be travelling to the National Sailing Academy near Portland.   They will be travelling by coach, leaving school at 11.30 am in order to enjoy a picnic lunch before commencing their session at 1.30 pm.  They will have the wonderful opportunity to learn how to Paddle Board and enjoy kayaking. They will return to school for approx. 5.30 pm. 
On the following day on Tuesday 15th Year 2 children will be enjoying the same wonderful experience.
Children will need to bring 
·         Swimwear and towel
·         Warm clothes for after water based sessions or doing land based activities.

•         Any medication that may be required.
•         Food and drink (although there is also a canteen on site).
•         A pair of old shoes or wetsuit boots suitable for going in the water (unfortunately flip flops are not acceptable).
·         Substantial picnic and snacks with sufficient drink for the afternoon.
Wet suits will be provided – but you can bring your own
We are charging children £10 to help subsidise the costs of the activities this week and the transport.  Many thanks to those of you who have already paid.
Please return the Participant Waiver Form – we need them returned by Monday.  Mr Vann, Miss Nottley, Miss Clifford, Mrs Bishop, Mrs Mandy Jones and Mrs Andrea Schafer will be in the water with the children along with the members of the National Sailing Academy.

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