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Rockley Watersports Festival

Today Aran, Clayton and Owen took part in some water sports, they were all extremely nervous on our route to Poole Park, when we arrived they changed into wetsuits and buoyancy aids before they were given t-shirts in their colour. Split into 2's Aran and Owen took to the water first after some quick handling skills in their Kayak, they made their way around the lake and came off saying they had loved it!! Clayton then had a go and was accompanied by one of the instructors who labelled him "Paddle Prince", he made his way confidently around the lake aiding in helping everyone when they were stuck. They then all played some land based games before lunch. After lunch they all set sail in their boat for a leisurely cruise further afield, they came back with smiles on their faces ready for the competitions to start. There were 4 races in all, Aran and Owen took part in the 3rd and set off at great pace paddling around the island and came 2nd, lastly Clayton chose Owen to partner him in the last race and they came 4th, fantastic. They then received their medals and certificates and feeling exhausted but exhilarated we headed back to school.


All 3 showed great confidence, was communicative and were very cooperative throughout the day, they made Miss Nottley feel very proud and were a huge credit to our School.  

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