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Science Week - Forest School

We are having a great Science Week so far! 

Our focus for Science week this year is how we can use the 3 Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to help the environment. Each afternoon, every class has had the opportunity to take part in a different activity to support their learning on the 3 Rs. I have lead Forest School sessions where we have made bird feeders to help look after our birds through using recycled materials! We have used pine cones to 'tree-cycle!!' by making natural bird feeders using lard and bird seed. Additionally, we have reused toilet roll tubes by covering them in peanut butter and rolling them in birdseed. During our Forest School sessions we have also planted some broad beans after discussing why it helps the environment to grow our own food and we have planted wild flower seeds to welcome more wildlife into our forest school site. Abbey Class have set up our brand new wormery with Alexis which is really exciting! We welcomed our new worm friends and can't wait to see what they make for us! 


A big thank you to our fantastic volunteers - we couldn't have had such a wonderful time learning without you! 

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