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Tag Rugby Festival

Our Tag Rugby Team arrived at Dorchester Rugby Club with loads of enthusiasm, many never having played in a festival before. We were all welcomed by Mr Treble together and were set off to have a go at the individual activities which included mini games, a tag game, a dodging sprint and their best one the tackle bag run, this is where they had to run at the tackle bag and smash into it with their shoulder and landing on it, this they all enjoyed and all the adults including us wanted to have a go!

Then the games started, we played some lovely Rugby scoring many tries, both Clayton and Owen shared these between them. here are the results:

Cerne Abbas 3 v 1 Winterbourne Valley

Cerne Abbas 2 v 2 Manor Park

Cerne Abbas 2 v 3 St Mary's Charminster

Cerne Abbas 2 v 1 St Mayr's Catholic

Cerne Abbas 0 v 2 Damers

As you can see all games were pretty close!

We then joined the other schools in thanking the Year 4 Sports leaders who were fantastic and Mr Treble as always.

Lastly we would like to thank all the parents who came to watch, again your support is always hugely appreciated and lastly Mrs Price and Miss Nottley would like to say how proud we were of the children, once again they showed us how confident, communicative and conscientious they all were throughout the afternoon!








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