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Tag Rugby Tournament

Our Tag Rugby Team arrived at Dorchester Rugby Club with loads of enthusiasm and optimism, they ran to meet Mr Treble who called over an ex pupil Alex with his friend Lloyd who then put them through their paces in a little warm up, they then were welcomed by Mr Dailey and Mr Treble together with the other 4 teams. Next they set off to have a go at 5 activities which included mini games, a tag game, a dodging sprint and their best one the tackle bag run, this is where they had to run at the tackle bag and smash into it with their shoulder and landing on it, this they all enjoyed and all the adults including us wanted to have a go!

Then the games started, our first game we came up against arguably the strongest team there, Damers, we started slowly and found ourselves 3 nil down before we could think until Toby started our fight back with 2 wonderful runs to peg them back to 3-2, but unfortunately we couldn’t get the 3rd and they scored a breakaway fourth to seal the win 4-2. Then we played Charminster and having had a pep talk from Mrs Price and Miss Nottley we played some lovely attacking rugby with Jack scoring first, Angus then took over with some great dodging and scored 2 tries and Toby finished off for a convincing win 4-0, Freya and Rhys shone in this game too with some excellent tag work to keep Charminster from scoring any tries. It was then our rest game and we all tried to stay warm with a game of tag as by then the rain had begun. Having won our last game they went into the next against Manor Park on a high but just couldn’t get going and with the ball now wet our handling let us down and Manor Park were able to scoop the ball up from loose balls to score their 3 tries, however the highlight of that game was George collecting the ball from near the half way line and bombing down the line to score his try, making it 3-1. Our final game was against St Mary’s Catholic and this was by far our best with our most convincing win 7-0, Toby and Angus added 2 apiece to add to their tallies before Lily stole the show with a sprint down the line to score her first try, she turned with the biggest smile on her face, then Dan finished things off with a fine run himself and just short of the line he was tagged but looked back and played the perfect pass to Eden who got our last try.

We then joined the other schools in thanking the Year 4 Sports leaders who were fantastic and Mr Dailey as always, also a special shouted out “thank you” to Mr Treble for his superbly run first competition.

Lastly we would like to thank all the parents who came to watch, again your support is always hugely appreciated and lastly Mrs Price and Miss Nottley would like to say how proud we were of the children, once again they showed us how confident and co-operative they all were throughout the afternoon!







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