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Year 4 Orienteering at DMS

Abbey Class Year 4's arrived eagerly and after being given a quick tour of the school, they were off! They had to first find pictures from photos around the school, then race back to show the year 7 leaders where abouts the photo was taken on the orienteering map of the school. They used their observation skills and co-operation to find as many as they could. After a quick pit stop their next task was punch orienteering, each pair was given a sheet with a list of numbers which they had to locate on the map, find the clip and punch the pattern next to the number. Off they raced with renewed energy and arrived back with many fulfilled sheets, congratulations to Amelia and Hannah who completed the most! With lots of red faces and smiles,  Mrs Price and Miss Nottley were exhausted just watching them! They ended their enjoyable morning by thanking the year 7 leaders, Levi Dailey and Mr Duffy with an ear-piercing thank you. The children did our school proud and they were all confident, courteous and communicative with each other and Winterborne Abbas, making them a credit to Cerne Abbas First School.

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