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Author and Playwright visits our school - Chris Connaughton

We've had a fantastic session with Chris. He has helped us to become storytellers. We started the day together and Chris told us a story about a king and a storyteller. The children were absolutely mesmerised. Chris told us how to engage the listener by using different voices and expression. Chris went around to all of the classes throughout the day encouraging amazing story telling amongst the children. In Trendle he told them a story about a Cobbler who wanted to be the most important thing. He became a king, the sun, a rain cloud, a raging river, a mountain and then finally a cobbler again!
In all of the classes he played a game called WAVE - W = WAY OF WALKING, A = ACTION, V = VOICES , E = EXPRESSION
This game helps us to become animated storytellers.
He also played the Spotlight game. This helps us to share our ideas.
Chris explained how all of these techniques help us to become really successful storytellers.
We will definitely invite him back again. Thank you to FOCAS who helped us pay for him and thank you Chris for a fabulous day.

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