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Forest School Session 2

In today's Forest School session the Year 4s listened to the story 'The Great Kapok Tree' a story about a Kapok tree in the rainforest which is going to be chopped down until all the creatures which live in/on the tree and a local child come along and tell the man what the tree does for their survival. It is a wonderful story with lovely illustrations and a very special message. This story led to many great discussions about food chains, deforestation and facts about animals. The Year 4s had some great contributions and we spent a long time on this one activity! After the story the children could choose from many activities including leaf identification, bug hunting, leaf and tree rubbings and a few children were able to try 'Hapazone' a Japanese craft where you print leaves using their natural dye onto cotton by squeezing it through using a mallet! They found this tiring but worth it! We also played a fun game to help teach us about fire circle safety ready for next week's session where we hope to light our first fire! We ended the session by reflecting on our Forest School session by 'snowballing' our thoughts - we wrote our reflections on paper, scrunched them up and threw them across our circle for our friends to read aloud. Lots of lovely reflections again - we are all looking forward to next week's session on Tuesday.

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