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Our Hopes and Dreams Week

This week has been our 'Hopes and Dreams Week' where we have been thinking about what hopes and dreams we have for the future and what we might like to do when we are grown up. We have been very lucky and have met lots of interesting people who have been telling us more about their jobs and work.

On Monday we met Ali who talked to us about her job at Monkey World. She talked lots about the qualities she needs to do her job well. She told us that after school, she continued to learn and how learning doesn't stop when you leave school. She told us the importance of being curious and doing a job that brings us joy and happiness as well as paying the bills.

On Tuesday we had a visit from Charlotte who is a plumber. She talked about her job working in people's houses, helping to mend broken or leaking pipes or helping to fit new bathrooms or radiators. She pointed out the different pipes in our classroom and told us about the water inside them that heats up to keep us warm or to allow us to use our taps. She showed us lots of tools that she uses when she's working including a special pipe cutter!

On Wednesday we met Callum who is a business manager in the fenestration industry (new word for most adults and children!!) We learnt that means he works for companies who generate the materials for, build and fit windows and doors in peoples houses and other buildings like shops, schools and hospitals. We watched videos of working factories showing how the plastic is heated and shaped then cut precisely and distributed to suppliers. We especially liked watching the fork lifts driving around! Callum told us that when he first started working he used to drive the fork lift but now he works managing a team of people and selling things to companies that need them.

Yesterday we had Jonah's Mummy, Zoe, an artist and illustrator visit our classroom. She showed us some of the books she has written and illustrated, focusing on a new book 'Totty' the turtle. We looked closely at the pictures then she helped us to create our own special turtle! We each had a section of the shell to decorate with tissue paper and sparkly stickers as well as a baby turtle which we used to create our own head bands. We had lots of fun making art with Zoe and loved listening to her read us one of her new books as our home time story.

Today we met Stuart who is Ivy's Daddy. He talked to us about the job he used to have working as a civil engineer. He showed us lots of interesting pictures and talked to us about the varied roles within civil engineering and how anyone who likes maths, problem solving, building or fixing things would have lots of skills to become a civil engineer! We watched a video that showed us some big civil engineering projects including bridges, power plants, train tracks and even wind turbines. It was very interesting to hear from people of different ages, both women and men, talking passionately about their roles within the industry. Stuart even gave us some special pom pom civil engineer buddies wearing hard hats as gifts to bring home!

What a special and exciting week! We are very grateful to all our visitors for taking the time to talk to us and give us inspiration for what we might like to do when we are grown up. Thank you especially to our parent visitors!

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